Help build the movement by bringing grassroots activists together

The world is facing a global health crisis characterized by growing inequities within and among nations and millions of preventable deaths, especially among the poor. The People’s Health Movement (PHM), currently active with over 70 country circles, works to combat these inequities caused by unfair economic structures which lock so many people into poverty and poor health all over the world.

People’s Health Movement circles in the US and in Canada are organizing sessions on extractive industries & health and trade & health at the World Social Forum in Montreal August 9-14, 2016.

On August 15, 2016 right after the close of the World Social Forum, PHM-North America is planning a People’s Health Assembly. Health activists from the US and Canada will come together to address health through a political lens and to plan and strategize toward a stronger movement for health justice in our countries.

We hope that participants will leave the Assembly having built relationships, formed alliances, and developed plans for action that will lead to a coherent, comprehensive movement for the right to health. A movement that encompasses the many factors—economic, social, environmental—that determine our health, that is inclusive of everyone, and that challenges unfair political and economic structures that impede our enjoyment of the right to health.