We are thrilled to be able to welcome you to the Assembly happening in less than four weeks on 15 August 2016!

We will be a gathering of about 40 to 50 doers and thinkers from across the United States and Canada who work with health justice in very many different ways. We’re looking forward to learning with you about how to support each other in doing this work. In so doing, we want to contribute to a broad-based movement for health in North America, led by those most affected by ill health and its injustices through challenging structural violence, power, and privilege.

Because we will be working with the interests and the energy in the room, it is difficult for us to predict exactly how the day will go. Here however is a draft agenda the day:

Introductions about the People’s Health Movement, and the history of the People’s Health Assembly. Why do we think it’s important to have a health justice movement in North America? Where do pockets already exist? How are we learning to work together or not?

Exchanges – how has a health lens helped your organising/justice work? What has been difficult or rewarding about it? How would you like to use health as a mobilsing frame or an organising tool? 

Lunch and chatting 

Dividing into three action groups to plan concrete steps we might take to support each other’s work (*see below)

Summing up campaigns and tasks. Commitments on how to move forward (or not), and how to develop infrastructure to keep us connected.


*Given who we know will be present in the room, our sense right now is that the three groups might have the following themes:

  1. Environmental health justice/extractive industries and health/climate change and health
  2. Public services/anti-austerity/anti-privatisation and health
  3. Health justice for marginalised and vulnerable populations/’underground” health work/informal health sector

These themes may change depending on what appears in the room on the day! If you don’t see yourself in these themes beforehand, please write in to let us know so we can see if we can adjust accordingly ahead of time. Contact us at